Above: WCBR-MG testing at Thunderhill Jan 2013.

 MGB Parts....1962-1980 

by West Coast British Racing aka WCBR

Restoration & Racing Services & Track side support available for your British car.

Whether you're driving a 1964 or 1980 MGB with a 1800cc 4-cylinder or a Rover V8, WCBR can help breath new life into your engine.  Since 1981 WCBR has been working on British Leyland vehicles.  Whether you are looking to freshen up your engine, or are thinking about a conversion, or built and maintain that historic race car, take a peak below at what we have to offer.

Please call for current prices & special offers. In-bound Freight charges will apply to out of stock & special order items. (prices subject to change without notice).   


USED MGB Parts...  MGB            revised 12/24/2015  
Tube Type Axle, Wire Wheel x1  1970 era  
Tube Type Axle, Steel wheel x2 1- late type w/swaybar, other from 1970 GT  
Brake Drum, Lightweight flat type, tube axle, machined/plated/set $125.00
Engine Parts...  MGB
Crankshaft, 5-main
Rods, early & late type 5-main type
SU Twin carbs w/manifold complete. from 1970 GT, ran great when taken off.
Inlet-Exhaust manifold, 1975-80 US spec, single carb/Cat type.
1800cc used short block.
Engine Plate, 5-Main, Steel Racing Alloy aval on request  
Misc Parts... MGB
Fuel Tank, near new! from our 1970 GT
Other...  MG