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West Coast British - Technical Bulletin
190 Airway Blvd., Livermore, CA. 94551. Phone 925-606-8301/Fax 925-606-8302

December 12, 2005

Subject: ABS Modulator.

Vehicle: Land Rover Discovery-II

We recently witnessed something odd, very odd! I have no doubt someone won't like what we've posted here, BUT... there is something called safety, thus the warning as posted here. 

On top of the ABS Modulator are two (2) round caps, approx the diameter of a Quarter, these are held in place with two (2) 5mm allen cap screws each... what we witnessed (on 12/10/05) was one of these covers coming off! It looks as though one of the screw heads had sheared, followed thereafter by the failure of the second screw, thus allowing the cap to come off (it was found in the fender)... this resulted in the loss of braking pressure (ABS & ETC); the end result was the car hit a tree!

Others present made an attempt to correct the problem and get the car going again; Upon inspection I found that the Modulator was very hot to the touch(!), and those working on said car could NOT remove the remains of the bolts (2) still in the Modulator body.

Rumor has it that high heat from continued ABS & ETC use, such as in snow, ice or mud... can cause the Modulator to overheat, and possibly end with same results as above.  (FYI: this info was told to us second hand from a Discovery-II owner, by the repairing LR Dealership; so take it for what it's worth).

For what it's worth... the driver of said vehicle wasn't doing anything more than the car was designed to do. If, the system can't cope, then something must be done to avoid future problem(s).

If it was our car? We'd remove all ABS & ETC from the car, then fit a center-diff -lock lever from a '94-99 Discovery, and ARB Air Locking diff's front & rear... now you'd have a real "4-wheel drive" vehicle.


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